Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Water Mirror

The Water Mirror by Kai Meyer

I should start this entry off by saying that I almost didn't post this blog entry. I usually do not like to write about books I did not like, but in the sense of fairness I decided I should. This book is one of the worst YA fantasy books I have ever read!

I found the plot a contrast of Pulman's The Golden Compass and Funke's The Thief Lord, both very well written books in my opinion. This book however, did not live up to the reputation of either book.

The book had an interesting fantasy concept to it, magic mirrors, multiple dimensions, living stone lions, etc. However, the plot was both boring and complicated at the same time. The characters didn't seem very flushed out and the character of the Flowing Queen was more annoying to me than anything else.

So much great potential is lost in this book. Perhaps it is the fact that this was originally a German book, that makes it such a lackluster American read. In any case, I could barely get through it (I found myself falling asleep when I wasn't even tired). I would NOT recommend this book to lovers of good YA fantasy novels.

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