Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

I will admit this right out, I have never read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Being a child of the eighties, I fell into the Disney trap. Why read the book, when you watch the cartoon version? I know, I know, I have changed my ways. I know read the book before I see the movie. That being said, I like the story of Alice even if I had only seen the movie.

Although, I like Alice, I love Alyss, Frank Beddor's main character. Alyss is the true Alyss Heart, the one that Alice in Wonderland is about. When she travelled to our world to escape her evil Aunt Redd, she was mistakenly called "Alice." She was also done the travesty of having her life story changed by Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll).

Mr. Dodgson got everything wrong. The "Mad Hatter" is not a stupid tea drinking man, but a member of the Millinery, the elite squad sworn to protect Princess Alyss. The "Cheshire Cat" is really an assassin who help Redd take over Wonderland and kill Alyss's parents. The "White Rabbit" is not a rabbit at all, but Bibwit Harte, Alyss's tutor.

In this first book of a trilogy, Alyss must return to Wonderland and defeat her evil Aunt Redd in order to save her home and her friends. She must also deal with life as an ordinary human. I suggest this book for everyone, even if you haven't read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Maybe, Disney will turn this into a movie too. :)

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