Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You

Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You by Sophie Talbot

I just finished reading a new book, Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You. This fantasy novel that revolves around a foster kid who goes to boarding school is different than any book I have ever read; it may even be the first of its kind on the market. What makes this book different is the main character, it is you.

The book is published by Chooseco, who is famous for their Choose Your Own Adventure line of books. I know as a kid I was an avid reader of them. Remember: dying in the books doesn’t count if you still have you hand on the previous page. Similar to those books you are the main character, however you do not have to choose any paths in this one it is straightforward story.
I must admit that I wasn’t too into the main character being me, because I know I’m not that person and I just couldn’t feel like it was me. However, I must admit that once I got past the “you look around” stuff, I found an actually really good fantasy chick-lit book.

As I mentioned already, the story takes place at a boarding school and you are a foster kid who has just received a full scholarship to the elite private school. You are different from the rest of the kids, not only because you do not have parents or money, but because you also have the power to see the future. A secret you are vehemently hiding.

Things do not go well for you at your new school as you are trying to hide your secret and being plagued by someone out to get you, perhaps the rich girl you ticked off the first day of school. There are definitely some twists and turns in this book, enough to make you want the sequel, Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You: Chloe to come out sooner than October. I definitely recommend this book to those out there who love chick-lit with a fantasy twist or those looking for a good light read.

Warning: Contains bad language.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Confessions of a Teen Nanny: Rich Girls

Confessions of a Teen Nanny: Rich Girls by Victoria Ashton

If you have read previous entries in this blog, then you know at least one thing, I am a sucker for sequels. I can't get enough of them. If it was me every book would have at least one. That is the reason I completely devoured this book after reading Confessions of a Teen Nanny.


This book takes place one week after the previous book ended and we once again find Adrienne and Liz babysitting the same spoiled kids. This book evolves around Adrienne trying to win her boyfriend back and Cameron trying to win Deb of the Year. To top it all off Liz, is worried that something is going on with Parker behind her back.

With the same poor girls in a rich girl world theme of the last book, this book leaves New York City for the snowy slopes of Aspen. It also introduces the new character of Grumpus, an imaginary friend with way too much power. The book also leaves the reader hanging at the end, prompting them to go out and read the third book in this series, Confessions of a Teen Nanny: Juicy Secrets. I can assure you that in the near future you will see a review of this third book on this blog.

I have really enjoyed this series so far, except for one thing. I keep wondering why these rich families are hiring teenage (high school) girls to watch their kids instead of college students or professionals. It is explained that the Warners can't get anyone, but I can't believe they scraped the bottom of the barrel yet. It leaves me to believe that this book might have been written just to be sold to the YA market; I hope that this is not the case.

Warning: Contains teenage alcohol and drug use.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Confessions of a Teen Nanny

Confessions of a Teen Nanny by Victoria Ashton

I was recently in my local dollar store when I came across a book I had been wanting to read, Confessions of a Teen Nanny. I was so excited to find this book and for only a $1 too. I recently went on a vacation and began the book on the long car trip home. It was such a good book I read it in one day (it is pretty short at around 200 pages).

This is the story of Adrienne Lewis, a junior in high school, who attends the most prestigious public school in New York City and who has just started a nanny position for one of New York's richest families. Unfortunately for Adrienne, with this new high paying job comes a bratty genius kid, an overbearing never there mother, and a seventeen-year-old wild child rich witch who is out to steal Adrienne's boyfriend.

A Nanny Diaries for teenagers, readers are introduced to the hideous side of New York's wealthy upper society. Ashton, who in her bio reports to be an elite private school alum who has socialized with the upper class, is probably a socialite in disguise, however she does not curb any of her punches thrown towards the fictional families in this book.

Betrayal is an underlying theme of this book as Adrienne learns that the rich teen queen, Cameron is not really her friend, and that boyfriends and jobs are not forever. Adrienne's best friend and fellow nanny, Liz, also learns some lessons of her own as the story flashes from one girl's experiences to the other. Overall this book is great for lovers of chick-lit or books about the upper class.

This is the first in a series of books.

Warning: This book contains underage alcohol and drug consumption, as well as descriptions of sexual situations.