Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

In this sequel to Uglies, readers are taken from the "ugly-side" of Tally Youngblood's teenage life to the "pretty-side." It is a few months after the pretty operation and Tally has fallen in with a popular clique of teens, The Crims. The Crims are made-up of past uglies who use to pull pranks and other tricks. Tally is a legend among them since she use to actually live in the Smoke, with *gasp* ugly adults.

Tally no longer remembers her mission, to distribute the cure to the bubbleheaded pretties. She is just interested in staying "bubbly" and hanging out with the leader of The Crims, Zane. David is just a distant memory, thanks in part to the operation and memory modification by the evil Dr. Cable, but things change in Tally's life when someone from her past resurfaces.

Tally then must fight, fight the pretties, fight the specials, and fight her best friend Shay. She must also find a way out of her gilded cage, a cage she might not want to leave. Readers of the previous book will find this a nice continuation of the storyline and the cliffhanger ending will leave you wanting more (the third book is entitled Specials).

Just like Uglies, Pretties is a great book for those who like light sci-fi stories. There is something in it for everyone: action, adventure, cool technology, romance, and teens fighting the system. It is also a great series for those looking for a series of books to read. I recommend it to all.

Warning: Contains teenage alcohol use and mentions sex.