Saturday, August 25, 2007

Teen Idol

Teen Idol by Meg Cabot

Imagine that you live in small town Indiana, not hard for this blogger since she does. Now, imagine that you have been given the secret task of watching over the most famous teen movie star in the world! Sweet little Jenny Greenlee, everybody's best friend, doesn't have to imagine any of this, because this is her life!

Jenny, a high school junior, has to keep lots of secrets. Not only, can't she tell her friends that Luke Striker, teen heartthrob, is coming to their school in disguise, but she also can't tell them that she is Dear Annie. Annie is the school's advice columnist, the trusted advisor to the entire student body. As Annie, Jenny must not only give out advice, but keep the problems of individual students confidential.

One such student is Kara, a nice girl who wants to be accepted by the popular kids but gets picked on for being overweight. Jenny must daily wipe away Kara's tears as her fellow students moo at her in the cafeteria. The relationship between Jenny and Kara is an emotional one for anyone who was picked on in high school or was friends with someone who was picked on.

Skipping the part about the movie star, Cabot does a terrific job of portraying high school life, from the catwalk in the cafeteria that students must walk down and be judged, to the boredom of the senior prom. I really recommend this book for anyone who is in high school, or has survived it.


Anonymous said...

you're review is very good.

it makes me want to read the book.

is it an easy read?

im have a hard time getting into books, for some reason so im trying to find one that i can get into easily

is this one?

Sarah Bourg said...

I felt that it was a pretty easy read. The story is broken up by letters to and from Annie which adds a little bit extra to the book.

I always say give a book a chapter and then decide if whether or not to put it down. So, give Teen Idol a try and let me know your thoughts.

I hope this helped.

Sarah :)