Friday, August 10, 2007

Flirt: Write Here, Right Now

Flirt: Write Here, Right Now by Nicole Clarke

Sixteen-year-old Melanie "Mel" Henderson loves her granola-eating, free-spirit life in Berkley, California. To everyone around her, she lives a charmed life. A life that has just got better thanks to her winning a prestigious internship at a New York fashion magazine called Flirt. Melanie's dream in life is to be a writer and she sees this internship as a stepping stone to her journalistic career.

However, Melanie is about to slip off that stepping stone. She starts off by coming in late for her first day of work, did I mention that she was a little drunk on champagne as well, to top it all off, it turns out the cute older guy she flirted with (and drank the champagne with) on the plane works at Flirt. Let's just say she doesn't make the best first impression with her new boss, Josephine Bishop.

One of the bright spots in Mel's bad first day is meeting her fellow interns and roommates. You see during this summer long internship Mel and five other girls will live in a loft with a housemother. Her roommates come from all over the world. Olivia is from England, Kiyoko is from Japan, and Alexa is from Argentina. Her other two roommates, Charlotte and Genevieve are from Connecticut, but they aren't exactly friendly to Mel.

In fact, Mel is about to learn that life in the New York fashion magazine world is a lot different than Berkley, California. To find out what happens to Mel and her fellow interns, and what backstabbing Genevieve and Charlotte are up to, you will have to read, Flirt: Write Here, Right Now.

Just as a note, this is the first book in a series. It is also a lot like The Devil Wears Prada for teens.

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