Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Incantation by Alice Hoffman

For those readers who are looking for a quick read that is well-written and touches on a serious topic, Incantation is the book for you. Today most people believe that the only time that the Jewish people have been persecuted was during the Holocaust; Hoffman's book sheds light on a different time period of hatred and genocide.

It is the dawn of the 16th century and Estrella is a sixteen-year-old girl living in Spain. Estrella thinks of nothing but getting married and always living next door to her best friend. However, her world is suddenly turned to darkness when the evil monster of hatred shows its face in her small town.

The Jews, who have been either forced to convert to Catholicism or live in a ghetto, are facing more and more persecution. Now, as in Nazi Germany, neighbor has turned against neighbor, turning in Jews who were pretending to be Catholic. The bodies and books are burning as Estrella's life and her family are changed for ever.

This book touches on a serious topic through the eyes of a teenager. A quick read for those who enjoy historical fiction. I recommend it to all.

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