Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Have you ever been the odd man out? Have you ever felt like an outcast? Well, if you have you are in the same boat as Raven Madison. Raven is the goth chic at her all preppie school. Her town is so boringly suburbia that she has nicknamed it Dullsville.

Live in Dullsville is pretty horrible for Raven. She is constantly being bullied by soccer snob Trevor. She only has one friend, a farm girl named Becky, and her once cool hippie parents have fallen under Dullsville's spell. Raven feels all alone, until one day when she sees a mysterious figure standing in the attic window of the abandoned mansion in town.

Raven starts to investigate and even breaks into the mansion to discover the secrets of the new family who has recently taken up residence. Her snooping leads her to Alexander, the seventeen-year-old, home schooled only child of the family. Alexander is the man of Raven's dreams. A goth guy who sleeps all day and is as misunderstood as Raven.

Tension rises between Raven and her new beau Alexander when Trevor begins to spread rumors that Alexander and his family are vampires. Could this be true? It would mean the answer to Raven's biggest wish, to be a vampire, but is she ready for eternity?

Although this book is in the vampire genre, it is all about acceptance and being different. Teens who love books like Twilight will enjoy this tale of young love, but so will those teens who have ever felt like an outcast. It is also a nice quick read; I read it in a day. This book is the first in a series, so those who enjoyed this first book can get more of Raven and Alexander.

Warning: Contains sexual situations and inappropriate language

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robin_titan said...

i have all the books in this series but i have not gotten around to reading them, i'll have to get to that :D i myself enjoyed twilight so i might actually enjoy this series