Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska by John Green

When I first picked up this book I assumed it would take place in Alaska, boy was I wrong. It turns out that Alaska is the name of a girl. Alaska is the new friend of Miles Halter. Miles is the main character, but the story is about both of them.

You see Miles has just started his junior year at a new boarding school in Alabama. Miles doesn't have a lot of friends at his public school in Florida and hopes things will be different as he searches for his "great perhaps."

Every character in this book as a certain quirk that doesn't necessarily define them, but more accentuates their personality. Miles is obsessed with last words. Alaska collects books and plans on someday reading most of them. Miles' roommate, Chip, is a genius who memories the capitals of countries for fun. There is even a Japanese rapper in their eccentric group.

Together the four struggle to find their place in this world and to solve the last words of one man, "how will I ever escape this labyrinth?" If you are looking for a touching coming of age story with some edge and depth to it, this book is for you. I found this book to be different than anything I had read before. It is a great book for older teens and adults alike.

Note: There is graphic language, sexual descriptions, alcohol, drug, and tobacco use in this book.

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Excellent. That is a perfect example of what the American Library Association does not do when it gives the book an award for children as young as twelve. See how simple it was? "Note: There is graphic language, sexual descriptions, alcohol, drug, and tobacco use in this book." Judith Krug, that wasn't hard, was it? Did you notice it appeared at the end, after a great review, just enough to provide adequate notice for people who might not want their children to read such material? Perfect. Well done. Bravo to Sarah.