Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hex Education

Hex Education by Emily Gould & Zareen Jaffery

Sophie Stone's parents have just ruined her life. Her father, a famous horror film director, has decided to move their family from LA to his sleepy hometown of Mythic, Massachusetts. The town, famous for being originally settled by a group of witches, is in dire financial straits. Mysterious storms are eating away at the town and the spirits of the people.

Not only is Mythic a spooky small town, but it is a far cry from Sophie's glam life in LA. She has spent her life distancing herself from her father's horror image, but how can she face Mythic as "Spooky" Stone's daughter? Sophie worries about making friends at her new school, until she meets a group of fashionistas like herself. However, these girls have a magical secret; one that Sophie is about to discover she is apart of. This secret might just be the salvation for the town, or it's destruction.

I found this book to be a really fast read. It does have some teen angst in it, but not enough to detract from the storyline. It's a nice subtle book for girls who enjoy chick-lit with a dash of magic. I really recommend it to junior high and high school-aged girls.

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