Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Truesight by David Stahler Jr.

This book takes a look at an interesting world of the future. In the city of Harmony, a young boy named Jacob lives. He is a typical thirteen-year-old. He hates school, his parents are always fighting, and he longs to be a musician. The difference between Jacob and other thirteen-year-old is that he is blind. In fact, everyone in Harmony is blind. They are genetically altered to be this way so that they can have Truesight, an ability to see the world by not being able to see anything.

Even though the town is named Harmony, there is a definite lack of Harmony in it. The colony is facing food shortages, the mayor's daughter wants to be able to see and leave Harmony, and to top it all off, Jacob has regained his sight. Jacob keeps the fact that he can see a secret, but unfortunately it is not the only secret in Harmony.

I really recommend this book for anyone who likes Sci-Fi or Utopian society books, such as: The Giver, The Messenger, Uglies, or Rash.

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