Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

I first picked this book up because it was recommend by Ann Brashares (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). I kept reading it because the three main characters: Birdie, Murphy, and Leeda, were just so cool. These three teenage girls from three different worlds come together one summer on a Georgia peach orchard.

Birdie is the orchard owner's daughter and she is going through a hard time. Her parents are getting divorced and she has been placed in charge of the orchard. Birdie would rather eat Girl Scout cookies and watch VH1 then work in the hot sun.

Murphy is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She never knew her dad and her mom is constantly bringing a new boyfriend home. Murphy ends up at the orchard as punishment for breaking the law.

Leeda is the rich girl. She is a distant cousin of Birdie who is guilted into going and helping her cousin for the summer. Leeda has problems of her own. She is unwanted by her parents who feel that they already have the perfect daughter in her older sister, Danay.

These three girls come together for one remarkable and tumultuous summer. If you liked The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then you will love this book. I can't wait to read the sequel: The Secret of Peaches.

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Anonymous said...

Your review is very accurate and helpful:) I loved this book and think it has a great comparison to teenagers now. I recomend it to The sisterhood of the traveling pants, Sarah Dessen, The Clique, and Gossip Girl lovers.