Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You

Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You by Sophie Talbot

I just finished reading a new book, Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You. This fantasy novel that revolves around a foster kid who goes to boarding school is different than any book I have ever read; it may even be the first of its kind on the market. What makes this book different is the main character, it is you.

The book is published by Chooseco, who is famous for their Choose Your Own Adventure line of books. I know as a kid I was an avid reader of them. Remember: dying in the books doesn’t count if you still have you hand on the previous page. Similar to those books you are the main character, however you do not have to choose any paths in this one it is straightforward story.
I must admit that I wasn’t too into the main character being me, because I know I’m not that person and I just couldn’t feel like it was me. However, I must admit that once I got past the “you look around” stuff, I found an actually really good fantasy chick-lit book.

As I mentioned already, the story takes place at a boarding school and you are a foster kid who has just received a full scholarship to the elite private school. You are different from the rest of the kids, not only because you do not have parents or money, but because you also have the power to see the future. A secret you are vehemently hiding.

Things do not go well for you at your new school as you are trying to hide your secret and being plagued by someone out to get you, perhaps the rich girl you ticked off the first day of school. There are definitely some twists and turns in this book, enough to make you want the sequel, Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You: Chloe to come out sooner than October. I definitely recommend this book to those out there who love chick-lit with a fantasy twist or those looking for a good light read.

Warning: Contains bad language.

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I just got done reading this book today. It is the type of book where you just can't put it down. I highly recommend it to readers, in particular teenage readers. Although the story line includes things that aren't in reality persay, it is something teenagers can relate to with it's intellectual relevance to cliches, boys, making new friends, and more. The story line is based on a girl ("you") as an orphan who has been shuffled from home to home trying to find somewhere that finally feels at home. Whenyo realize your current foster family doesn't want you anymore due to your short visions of the future ("shimmers") which cause you to space out at times for anywhere from a couple to several minutes, you have to search for a new home. Your close friend, Emily, informs you of possibly boarding school considering your grades and activities in school would qualify you. You get accepted to the top all girl boarding school, Trumbull Woodhouse. When you get there you learn that starting over isn't always easy when there are people that try to demolish your reputation and ability to contently live.